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What is TECOM SME Builder?

TECOM SME Builder offers an annual program of events designed to provide owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with direct access to a pool of invaluable expert knowledge leaders, as well as the opportunity to enhance their skills and capabilities.

Each TECOM SME Builder event incorporates a panel discussion of experts from a range of backgrounds debating key SME hot topics. Attendees also gain access to specialist one-to-one advice through our Expert Speed Table sessions, as well as the chance to network with inspiring innovators, knowledge leaders and peers from across a range of industry sectors.

What are the benefits of TECOM SME Builder membership?

Becoming a member of TECOM SME Builder offers persuasive benefits to all SME owners, irrespective of the sector in which they are active. Our events are designed to tackle issues with universal applicability for effective business practice, making them relevant to the wider SME audience and, indeed, to anyone with an interest in furthering their understanding of what it takes to win in the world of business.

Due to TECOM Group’ influence and knowledge leadership standing we are in the fortunate position of having access to a large repository of knowledge. Our comprehensive pool of experts is made up of Dubai’s foremost business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurial success stories and experts in areas such as law, finance, accountancy, investment, banking, academia, marketing & communications, human capital, research & development, and specialist technicians.

TECOM SME Builder is open to all businesses located both inside and outside of TECOM Business Parks. Prospective business owners and entrepreneurs can also benefit through peer-to-peer interaction within their targeted industry sector. There is no charge to attend a TECOM SME Builder event.

How can I register for TECOM SME Builder 2016?

Please visit our registration page

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